Our Story

Hello my name is Jason, not only am I the owner of TC Tire and Auto, but I am also a US Coast Guard Veteran. I served from 2000 -2005, and was part of the only coast guard team to circumnavigate the globe. While in Bahrain during Operation Iraqi Freedom I realized that I will be taking the core values of the Coast Guard with me when I someday transition to civilian life.

I grew up in the small town of Johnstown, across the Brownstown bridge. Everyday my Pap and I would walk around downtown. We would go to all the regular places; Mr. Magoot's store, Koch's deli, George's song shop, and all the rest. Things back then were quite different, everyone knew each other and you always felt welcomed when you walked into one of the local shops. People didn't mind taking their vehicle to the local garage because back then you knew that you could get the job done right for a fair price.

Things certainly have changed from then, now it feels like everyone is more concerned with making a couple of extra bucks, rather than being a good neighbor. I wanted to bring back that feeling of family and community when I started TC Tire and Auto. At TC Tire and Auto we treat every vehicle as if we own it and every customer like a friend. We will NEVER charge you to look at your vehicle. We will give you an estimate to fix what we find wrong and we will offer suggestions for work that needs done, but leave the final decision up to you. We believe that our top priorities are the safety of you and your family, your peace of mind, and not asking you to pay for work that you don't need.

We started TC Tire and Auto in August of 2019 and we plan on serving our small town and community for years to come.